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Valentines Day is approaching! 
 Are you looking to spice up your sex-life? What about your sex-less life? Does that need to be spiced up?

For the month of February, we are offering a Special Consultation with Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff to improve your sexual health and help raise your libido or just build up your SEX APPEAL, so that you can start to feel like that sexy beast that resides within!

We are gifting you a free libido tonic and acupuncture treatment during your next office visit!

(Expires 2/29/2020) 
"The Doctor told me what 2 additional internists told me here in Hawai’i. They believed I had problems in my reproductive system and that surgery was in order. I remember visiting you. You took the time to basically “calm me down,” working on a kind of stress management and you fed me those specific herbs and vitamins which I still joke about to this day. You gave me something with bovine lips, do you remember?
What ever it was it doubled my sperm count and boosted my sex drive about 10x. I’ve just had my second child and she is as precious as my son, a perfect angel. Thank you so much, Diana"
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